Reformatting the clip

As described in previous posts, I am having a problem accessing my music on the clip.  I have tried the soft reset, and nothing happens.  Is there another way to reformat?  When I turn it on and go to my music, it tells me it’s playing 0/325 songs and I can’t access ANYTHING.  I am ready to abort mission and buy something new. . .

If you can access the menus on the Clip, you can clear the slate for a reload via Settings > Format > Yes.

This will erase all media from the device.

Perhaps you can give us more information regarding your difficulty?

Bob  :dizzy_face:

Basically the clip died while I was using it.  I assumed it was a battery issue but did not have success initially when trying to charge.  I finally got the computer to recognize the device and charge it, but it appeared as if all of my music was gone.  Went to reload everything, but it all shows up when the clip is plugged into the computer.  Tried the soft reset with no luck.  I can get into the menus and I will try the formatting screen.  I wouldn’t think the battery dying would  cause such issues. 

Ah, I see.  So, if you try no navigate on the device to your music, it’s not coming up?

If you haven’t formatted your Clip yet, it’s possible we can recover:

You can try connecting the Clip in MSC mode (Settings > USB Mode > MSC) first.  From the PC, go to Windows Explorer by pressing [Windows Key] + E, or go to My Computer.  What you will need is the drive letter assigned to the Clip.

Then, open the Run window by pressing [Windows Key] + R, or Start > Run.  It may insert the command cmd for you, if so, simply press the Enter key, or cmd [Enter].  Then, type chkdsk e: /f where e: is the drive letter assigned to the Clip by Windows (this may vary).  the /f is a “toggle” telling Windows to “fix” the errors if possible.  When it asks if you would like to save the errors as files, tell it no.

Unplug your Clip, and see if it will find your music.

Let me know what happens!

Bob  :stuck_out_tongue:

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THANK YOU!!!  It worked!  My music is back.  Can you explain what caused this to happen?  Did it have to do with the batery or not?

If chkdsk fixed it, then it was probably a problem with the file system. Either something was not written properly or a tiny part of the flash memory went bad (it’s not uncommon with flash memory). Either way, there’s no cause for alarm.