Clip's completely dead

Hi there,

  My clip 4G died suddenly. After I did a hard reset, it came back on, but was very sluggish: It took several seconds to change screens when I pressed a button, and it did not play music. I tried formattin it using it’s menu, but I believe it did not work: the display got stuck on formatting.

  Now the display will not even turn on. When I connect it to my WIndos 7 laptop while pressing the seect button, the computer says it has to be formatted before it can be used. When I try to do it, it says it cannot be formatted. If I try to format it by right-clicking this is what I get:

Capacity: 4.03 MB (No other options)

Dile System: FAT (default). The other options are NTFS and exFAT

Allocation unit size: 1024 bytes

I click OK and the formatting fails!

I would really appreciate som help.



Try resetting it again. maybe for longer (up to a minute) this time.

Thanks Tapeworm. I’ll do that after I charge it for a couple of hours, just to make sure that won’t be a n issue.

Just tried to reset it longer: 2 minutes. Did not work :frowning:

wow, this is strange! Since last sunday I have the EXACT same problem with my Clip+ 2GB. But I dropped mine that day, so maybe the failure has something to do with it =p (allthough I’ve dropped it even harder while driving my bike some time ago, and there was no damage then). Can’t reset it, neither by  holding the ‘reset’ button or holding the ‘select’ button (in the middle) while plugging it in. No reaction whatsoever!

So when I plug it in my pc, it either recognizes it as

a) a USB device: ‘unknown device’. There’s nothing I can do. I’ve read that (re)installing usbstor.inf can solve it, but that doesn’t work.

b) an external disk. Just like in your situation, the system asks to format. The capacity is set to 30,6MB, I can only choose between FAT, exFAT and NTFS. Formatting fails with both fast & normal formatting.

Other things I’ve tried so far:

-other USB cables

-other computers (one notebook (win7), one desktop (xp))

Same results

I’m getting desperate, been searching on the web for days. I don’t want to lose my precious player! I’m afraid I can’t use the warranty anymore, since I have it for 2 years or so.

Help would be greatly appreciated!

ok, in the end I found out that my warranty was still valid. I decided to go for a voucher this time, (as opposed to a new player) as I’m probably gonna try a Cowon player. Much higher price, but considering the increase in sound quality, it should be worth it.