Reformatted my Fuze but now i'm missing my Channels icon!

Hey all, had to reformat my fuze…after i did this i suddenly lost my Rhapsody Channels icon and can’t use this function anymore.  Have tried reformating again as well as a manual reinstall of the latest firmware without any luck.  Any help?  I like using the channels.



You will need to reauthorize your device with Rhapsody and the icon should come back.

Actually just connecting to Rhapsody will do it

Weirdness…all of the suddent my channels reappeared. I actually did deauthorize/reauthorize…but i think you have to actually disconnect or something and reconnect for them to reappear.  Anyways, all is good here…now just got to get this stupid “synchronize your tracks” problem fixed.  Thanks so far. -Steve


For your two issues, the "synchronize issue can be resolved by deauthorizing and reauthorizing the Fuze from the Rhapsody 4 client.

On to the missing Rhapsody Channels problem, see your other post.  You have a missing or duplicated folder on your device.

Bob  :wink: