Recovered new whitebox Connect, but can't connect to PC

Thanks to all you guys who advised about the recovery tool; I bought a whitebox Connect today and was just about to pack it up to return it tomorrow when I came across the posts on this site; I updated and all seemed to have gone smoothly.

The reason for returning it was that I can’t get XPSP2 to see the player at all. The “Found New Hardware” window comes up, telling me it found a Sansa PMP.  Then comes the windowoffering to look all over hell’s half acre for a driver, except that since the whitebox models don’t come with a CD, I have no drivers. And of course the computer can’t find any.

Interestingly enough, during the course of the recovery process, Windows did recognise the Connect, and it even told me it had found a Sansa Connect, and installed drivers for it.  Don’t know what happened to those drivers, however, because once the recover process was complete, it lost the connection again, then went back to the generic “Sansa PMP” window, and no drivers could be found.

I want to simply use it as a drive in Windows to load sound files onto; I listen to radio drama, lectures, concerts, etc., and download these onto the computer, then populate the player with a selection for my next journey. So I need it to be visible to Windows so that I can load it.

Can anyone help with the drivers issue please?  Thanks in advance… 

I should always read the rest of the site before posting!  I found the answer - it was a Windows Media Player issue. I only had version 9 installed - updated to 11 and the system works like a charm.