ReadyCache 32GB not seen.

Hello all.

I have just bought a ReadyCache 32GB and have tried installing it into two systems but it is not being seen by the motherboard.

I want to use the drive as a boot disk for a Linux install but it simply is not showing up in BIOS or in OS.

Do I need to first install under Windows and reformat the drive so that t will be seen?

Any help greatly appreciated.


no the drive should be seen by the BIOS regardless of the format. All SSD and HDD come wtih no partition, unallocated memory. if the ssd is not seen in the BIOS by two different computer all you can really do is try a different SATA cable. if it is still not seen the SSD is bad and will need to be replaced. 

Thanks for the reply drluck.

Tried two separate cables and it still would not work so decided to try it in a 2.5 to 3.5 converter caddy slipped it into my server and what do you know it was seen immediately.

I now have it as the boot/root drive in my HP Proliant and it’s working very well.

Life’s strange.