New Install - Doesn't Show

I install a new 120 GB Ultra SSD.  I started my computer and it recognized the drive and loaded the driver.  However once it was complete I couldn’t find the drive through the Computer icon on the desktop.  I figured that maybe I needed to Restart to get the Computer to fully recognize it.  While re-booting I checked the Boot menu and it shows up there in the SATA 5 slot.  Not seeing anything amiss I finished the boot sequence.  No issues but still it doesn’t show up in the Computer icon window.  I checked and it shows up in the Device Manager under Disk Drives without issue.  I did have it check for a newer driver thinking that might be the issue but after checking it said it had the latest.

I’m at a loss.  I know its working but I can’t make use of it.  Any thoughts?

is the drive showing up in disk managment? if so is a drive letter assigned? if no drive letter is assigned or if there is a drive letter conflict you may have to reassign a different drive letter. 

here is a knowledgebase article. it is for USB drives but the directions are the same

also i am just curious. why would you use an SSD as a secondary drive? you will not see most of the benifeits unless it is your system drive.

i’m assuming your new sandisk ssd shows up everywhere else but not in my computer because it’s not yet initialized/formatted into a workable volume in windows. go into disk management and initialize/format the drive and it’ll show up in my computer.

i am have the same problem. i try to initialize it it says “Devise is not ready”

its working now, unpluged it and plug it back in and i was able to initialize it :slight_smile:

Hate to bump an old thread, however this seems to be the only place I could find the same problem I am having.

I seem to have the same issue. I bought mine used off of Amazon and it appears that perhaps the drive was maybe reformatted or something and no matter what I seem to try, the ReadyCache installer gets to about 12% and then tells me “ReadyCache device does not exist”. I have no idea what to do anymore. The drive is detected by Disk Management, Device Manager and the motherboard. I can even make it a new volume and format it to use as a drive, but the software will not install. Would like to at least get this thing installed before I return it.