480gb ssd DOA?

Just received my Sandisk extreme 480 gb drive, attached to sata in pc replacing a regular hard drive. Booting, the disk is recognized as a Sandisk. In windows, the disk cannot be found. All that is visible are the usual hard drives and DVD drive. It’s as if it doesn’t exist. Tried other sata ports and same result. Any ideas? Edit: usung win 7 and nvidia motherboard.

You probably have to initialize and format it. 

Start -> Search -> “Create and Format Hard Disk Partitions” 

You’ll open the Disk Management window, look for your new disk and “Create New Simple Volume”


Hope this helps. 

Ssd was in external usb3 enclosure and this method would not recognize it in the enclosure. Attached directly to pc sata port and was able to then follow the instructions in the you tube video. Will try to place it in the enclosure now and see if it is recognized. Thanks very much.


Just recieved a SSD 480 gig extreme drive and Windows 7 does not see the drive under disk managment for it to be initilized.

I’ve used both the Sata USB wire kit from Sandisk and a NexStar3 USB3 enclosure. Nothing is working.

Please help!