480GB only showing as 299MB

The SanDisk Ultra II 480GB has just bee installed at the local PC shop. It is only showing as 299MB? When I look on the disk it is empty.

There is 47mb of ‘nothing’ occuplying the disk.  Is this some kind of quirk?? Partition, formating, maybe.  Or Would you expcect the size to be 480GB?

Would appeciate some help soon…before I take the disk back to Maplins.

Many thanks


I think I am doing something wrong possibily?

I assumed 299MB  BDEDrive was the SanDisk, however it is still mounted eventhough I have taken the drive back to the shop. The volume is a tempory windows 7 partition?

I don’t think sandisk it was ever mounted properly, I am very confused.

I was explecting to see a 480GB volume on my computer, so I logged in to see if it was there. I was then hoping the just install window 7, when restarting, possibiliy changing the boot drive.

I have sinces seen that you can clone your hard drive to the SSD, or you have to go into the BIOS and make it the main drive.

Anyway the BDEDrive is still there, and as I understand it it is a partition. What is this is it related to scan disk?

When the I am sure the scan disk is working I was hoping to just install Win 7 from the disk. I don’t really need to clone the system at this moment.

Many thanks


when you install an OS there will be some additional small partitions related to the install. these can vary depending on how the OS is installed and who installed it. SOme OEMs will have recovery partitions and the OS will also have some system reserved partitions in some cases. This partition is not related to the sandisk ssd. 

An SSD come from the factory as unpartitioned RAW storage. You must use disk management or some other partitions software to create a partition and format the SSD. If you have Windows install disk this is done prior to beginning the OS install. 

It may be best if you research a little more on on installing an operating system so you are a little more familiar with the process. 


you have an answer right above that post. the partition you are referring to has nothing to do with the sandisk ssd. I would suggest on doing some reading on installing operating systems. 

Many thanks,

Yes I rushed into it too quickly…maybe the PC shop should of gone a step further.

I need to look into this more.

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