SSD Dashboard and Disk Management incorrectly identifying new Ultra II 960 SSD

Hello All,

I recently purchased a SanDisk Ultra II 960 GB SSD. When following the instructions from the disk support site I realized that SanDisk Dashboard recognizes a drive but it labels it as a SanDisk SSD Plus Solid State Drive with 111.79 GB capacity. Disk Management on my PC also recognizes a disk it describes as ASMT1051with the same limited storage as unallocated. There is no other space/partition at all. My pc is an iBuyPowerPC running Windows 10 version 1607 OS Build 14393.969 with an Intel Core i7-7700 CPU @ 3.6GHz and 8 GB of RAM. I am using a usb cable to connect the new drive to the PC so that I can clone my existing SSD to it. Any help would  be appreciated!

Please contact our support center so we can better assist you

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I took the item back to the retailer. They tested a whole stack of the drives in their tech area and made sure after going through six that they gave me one that worked correctly.  Out of the six they had in stock only one was correct. It was weird because the others seemed too light and the labels seems dull and not as they should be. It was like someone had substituted knock-offs. However, the situation was resolved and this discussion can now be closed.

You should contact their support center to get support