readycach error

after insaling readycache and rebooting cache is gone from device manger only seen in boot raid says error

open disk management. does the readycache ssd show there? if the Expresscache software has not been installed it should be unallocated.

if it is not showing in disk management check the BIOS. if the drive is not detected in the BIOS check all cables and connections. if it is not showing in the BIOS the SSD may be bad. 

not in disk management software says no ssd found tried all suggestions , but in boot up i have amd raid it shows up in raid but says  error does not show up in bios  ,when i first put it in it recognized it installed software everything was ok then it told me to re boot after that it was gone. this is a msi board with a 970 chip set and amd raid

if the SSD is not showing in the BIOS it is likely bad and would need to be replaced.