Random loss of sound in right earbud

Once in a while while playing a song, the sound will just drop out in the right earbud. I have confirmed that it’s not the ear buds themselves. Anyone else experience this? Any fix for it., is it a bug, glitch, etc? thanks.

Oh…it’s a c240

One more thing…how come when I turn the unit on, the volume always comes on half way up, even though I turned it off at less that half?How irritating!

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I would suggest contacting Technical Support @ 1-866-SanDisk and advise them of what you are experiencing.

Last November, I bought a C240, and in May the unit started doing the same thing as yours:  the sound cutting out in the right channel.  Restarting the player seemed to fix the player, but then one time I turned it on and it got stuck on the welcome screen.  I contacted customer service and they replaced it for free.  As far as resetting the volume, I assume all C240’s do that.

I saw on another post that someone was saying that the volume does go back to the middle when you restart it.  However, my c250 does not do this.  Of course, I consider that to be a good thing. . .