Volume that stays put!

How about fixing the volume so that when you turn it on, it isn’t up half way! How annyoing! It would be nice if it would stay where the user puts it.


Please include the name of the device, and the suggestion in your future posts :smiley:

I have to second the original poster.  I don’t know what model he’s using, but this issue certainly applies to the c250.  No matter what volume level the device is set at when you power off, the volume level defaults to halfway on power up.  This is fine for earbud listening (and I can MAYBE see the “safety” aspect in it) but if you listen at a particularly LOW level, it’s no good, and if you routinely hook into an external device (say speakers or a car) you really want to be at full volume to get your full dynamic range on output.  I am always having to turn it up whenever I hook into my car.

I agree: I use an e260 with the volume always halfway down. I listen low on headphones, and high when it’s in my car, having to take breaks a lot for for my kids’ interruptions. Seems I am always turning the thing back on with the volume back to the same spot! Please have it stay put on the last-used setting when the player turns off.