Sansa m240 volume settings going down

I am not sure how to explain it.
When I turn it on the volume automatically goes to 0.
I set the music to play and press the volume + but the minute I let it go the volume goes all the way down to 0 again.
The only way to keep the volume set is to turn it up and the slide the lock to a locked position.
Otherwise it goes down like as if it’s locked or something.
It was rarely used. Mostly mornings on the commute to and from work but no use the rest of the day.
Can someone tell me if this is a common issue with Sandisk players?
If this is not fixable then I am considering buying a new one and if it indeed is a common problem with Sandisk units I might as well go for other brands.



try the standard stuff… firmware update from sandisk website, format device. 

I did…still no use…

I guess I should request a return…:stuck_out_tongue:


yea see what they say

I’m having the exact same problem with my Sansa m230 512MB mp3 player. It sorta may have been my fault. I left it in my pocket and forgot it was there, and it got washed with the laundry. When I realized it, it was already washed. Now every time I try to play something, the volume decreases to the lowest setting. It’s almost as if the button is constantly being pressed, but it’s not. Everything else works perfectly. At least now I have a squeaky clean mp3 player! So whatever happened with yours? Did you ever request a return? Did they fix it? What did they do?

My c250 was doing a similar thing. It would play for a while then go to 0 volume and I couldn’t raise it. It was set on high and I changed it to normal - seems to be working now, not sure how long it will last.