Radio stopped working

Hi All, Hope someone can help.

Only just fot my sansa clip today and after about 30 mins the radio has stopped working.

It lets me in the application but i hear no sound.

I have reset the system but all that has done is lose the preset channels and i go through the process over again (which now takes longer than it initially did when it was working which may be an indicator of the problem) only to find the channels produce no sound.

Any ideas how i can correct this as I was initially impressed with the unit.

Many thanks


If a reset is not working, will a format under Settings help?  If not, you also may want to try reapplying the firmware (see the sticky thread at the top of the forum)–perhaps the software got corrupted.

Not sure if this applies on a Sansa Clip but, try pressing the up button. Might just be on mute/pause. This happened to me before on my e200R.

Very good point!