Radio Presets

Hi, i just got mine Sansa Fuze 8gb… i got a problem with radio, searched the forums but cant find any answer for this.

My old player was iRiver t50, with their software i could name Radio presets so it was really usefull while looking for one and i cant find that option on Fuze

Its really hard to remember all these numbers for radio station to know what are u listening now… so is there any way to name a radio presets?

From my use of the radio you can not name them.  However you can set them so you just press the center button to find all your presets, starting at the lowest radio frequency.  Mine starts at 98.7 and then works it way up each time I press the center button. Or you can go to certain presents by pressing the bottom of the scroll and finding the one you want.

Find the station you want, press the bottom of the scroll button, this brings up the present selection (3 of them).  If you want to set it, press the right of the scroll button.