How to navigate radio presets


I have a Fuze 8GB.  I set the radio presets and if I press round center button, the radio will move up to the next highest preset.  Is there anyway to go back down a preset station?  Is the only way to get to a different radio preset station by going to the menu, selecting show presets, scrolling to the preset I want and then selecting it?  That seems pretty complicated just to change the station.  I know the left and right buttons can fine tune the station and holding them down seek to the nearest station but it’s pretty slow. 

Overall, it shouldn’t take multiple clicks on scrolls just to get frombut to lets say a preset at 106.7 to a preset at 99.1. 

I’ve searched everywhere for some help on this but I couldn’t find it.  It seems like an obvious flaw though and the fact that nobody mentioned it before leaves me some hope that I’m just missing something simple.

Thanks for your help.

yup thats how it is …

i press left on the thumbwheel to the next to last station, but really it takes what…5 secs to get to any station on your presents?

Yep. The e200 has had the same FM navigation for some time. The two alternate preset methods are via the submenu, or tap tap tap to your earlier one. Once you get used to it, the roll around method is quick enough.

The alternative is to reprogram the whole interface, or adding a “scan / scan memory presets” function to the submenu.

It would be nice to be able to toggle the << >> buttons to “presets” via FM settings…just a thought.

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Wow, that’s kind of suprising.  I love every feature on it except that one.  I had a Creative Zen but returned it because it was so user unfriendly.

You’d think it would be simple to have the middle button alternate between allowing you to tune with the << or >> buttons and “skip to presets” with the << or >> buttons. 

Anyway, thanks for the help!

SanDisk has a habit of changing things if they make sense.  The downside is that they don’t want to overcomplicate the interface, but an optional toggle might be feasible.

We’ll see how the future firmware update does.

Podcast navigation, audiobooks, and other improvements have been running about, plus possible future OGG support has been bouncing around.

I am looking forward to enhancements in the navigation roll-around as used on the Clip and e200v2 units. 

Keep an eye on the forum for updates!

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