Tune to FM presets as scrolled

Specifically on the Sansa Fuze, I think it would be a great feature to hear what’s on a certain FM station as you scroll through the presets. This way you wouldn’t have to wait to select a preset to realize a commercial or undesired song is playing and have to reenter into the menu to pick another preset. What I would like to have is the ability to “preview” a preset as you hover over it in the menu, then if you like it, clicking it would close the menu. Fair enough? :smiley:

Or possibly using the select button to scroll thru presets?

This is already available and accomplished on the ‘Now Playing’ screen. Pressing the center SELECT button scrolls through the 'presets. If there’s a commercial on, just hit the center button again and it will advance to the next pre-set. At the last pre-set, it starts over on the first one. If you use the right >>| (3 o’clock) button, it goes through all frequencies, but using the center button scrolls through and stops only on the pre-sets.

Oh wow… it does doesn’t it? lol thanks guys :smileyvery-happy:

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