Suggestion for the radio


First of all, I wish to thank SanDisk for this excellent player and the great support! It’s the perfect player for me since Ogg was added.

I want to give a suggestion regarding the radio. Currently, clicking the right and left button of the wheel changes the frequency or starts a scan. By pressing the center button, it changes to the next preset. There is no way though to change to the previous preset. If I want to go back, I have to press the button several times, or have to open the menu and select the preset directly, which is both quite tedious.

So what about that: With the center button, you’d change between a “scan” and “preset” mode. In “scan” mode, the left and right buttons of the wheel behave like today, either changing the frequency or starting a scan. But in “preset” mode, the right and left buttons change to the next and previous preset, respectively.

Additionally, pressing and holding the center button could save the current frequency as a preset.

Speaking of suggestions for the radio, I’d also like some more eye candy. The current radio looks quite boring. What about showing the frequency in a seven segment display, for example? :slight_smile:

Thanks again! I love my Sansa Fuze!

And while we’re at it, how about RDS data for the radio display, (if the hardware allows it).

i fully support that even though i dont have a fuze

I would guess than tuning the radio is only something you’d normally do rarely. Therefore it probably doesn’t make sense to have the left and right buttons doing this by default. So yes, I agree with shred.

I like the center button switching between scan/jump.  Having a prettier display makes no difference to me.  RDS would require different hardware.

If you want to go to the previous preset, press and hold the left button.