Radio Preset Question


I have about 15 presets on my Sansa Clip. They all work great. I just have a question about it. 

When I push the middle button on my Sansa when listening to a station, it goes to the NEXT preset.  But how can I go to the PREVIOUS station other than pressing the middle button 15 times? 

I know I can go to VIEW ALL PRESETS, then choose the previous one but still it’s kind of annoying. I hope there’s a faster way of doing that.

Thank you. 

I don’t believe there is a precise way to do that.  However, what I do, which works acceptably, is to hold down the Back button on the wheel for a second (or less), then hit the center select button, and the next preset that comes up is the one previous to the one I was listening to.  Works most of the time and is close enough for jazz, as they say.

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