Renamed Radio Frequency ?

It will be very nice if it will be possible to renamed radio frequency (ex 87.5 to xxxx) !

Thank you.

PS: sorry for my english.

you can do that in rockbox which is in beta testing

In fact in rockbox it’s a simple text file easily edit-able on your PC

PLUS there are pre-made preset files for download for many metro areas for all over the world (on the rockbox site under extras, FM Presets). For example I live in Nj near NYC and I downloaded one with 40+ stations and simply removed any I was sure I wouldn’t listen to and added a few that weren’t there on my PC before moving the file to the Fuze. Then you simply load the file in.  Simply reordering the lines in the file resets the order of the presets. And you can create your own on the Fuze directly, although the text insert is awkward at first.

Sansa should consider storing most things like settings and the like in file(s) in a format that’s easily editable on a PC rather than storing everything in a glob.