Question By The Old 97's

Ok with refrence to the title, Its a cool/funny/sweet song by a band called The Old 97’s.

Why is that relevant, well it is where I first noticed this issue. Its been asked maybe a dozen times but never answered. Why does the Fuze freeze when playing Ogg files? I am not going from MP3 to ogg (Track A. Mp3, Track B.ogg), but Most of my music was mp3 until I converted it. None of the major complaints are true of my files, but it doesnt matter really. My Question for those in the Know is this… "Is there a Bug in the Current FW with regard to Ogg Support? " A Yes would Suffice, but if its no then I know it has to be a fault in my process. I hate to complain because I love my Fuze and have no intention of making any kind of change. But the whole freezing thing kinda ■■■■■.


2Gig Fuze w/2 gig SD  (No songs on the card yet)

All Ogg Format songs (Podcasts on seperate card are mp3)

Media Monkey used to convert tag and sync

PS I thought that reconverting the files that dont work might help and it did on a few but not all.

CB could you make the file available to me,  email me a link?  I’d like to test the song and do a check on the integrety of the file.   Can you check what codec was used to create the ogg file, in particular the version of the codec.

Does the file playback on the PC ok?

Its not File Spesific. The Title song was the first song I played that it happened to. I re converted it and now its fine. But Some of my stuff for instance GNR Appitite for Destruction Ripped right from the CD to Mp3 File (2 days before) and then Converted to OGG, have been re converted and replaced 4 times ( Would re rip but the CD is on loan to a band mate to learn Stephen Adlers Drum Fills), and still wont play right. This is the case with other ripps, The files appear full sized on the Fuze but its like it cant read a duration. Also the same files play perfectly on the computer (on multiple computers actually, i used a flash drive to test them on 4 other pc’s to rule out my PC as being the problem). If you still want to test it I have some stuff that is licensed under the Creative commins license that has the same problem I could send (With out feeling Guilty).

I was beginning to wonder if this is an album based issue. For instance every song on an album is bad. So for instance if I have 1 song on an album its one song, but If I have 3 its all three. But on the Oasis Album Be Here Now, Only the song Stand By Me is bad, every other track on the album is fine.

And on A Side Note Just went thru the player and picked out all the tracks that are bad and its 14 out of 345 so thats 4% (Still annoying as I begin to add to the SD card)

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If they play on the PC and not the Fuze, then it sounds like a playback issue with the Fuze, and not the codec, that encoded them.   

One thing you could try is.   Strip off, or don’t include any tag information for the file.  Make sure its not a tag issue.

Tagged the exact same way as every other song on the player… I thought of that. I Quadruple checked.

Take the tags off.   or minimize the tag…   if it’s for a whole album, maybe it could be something with the album tag.  or the program used to tag the file. 

eliminate the tag…   delete it if possible.

it would be something I would try.

Tried it, Deleted the tag, no dice. Put the tag back on, nope. Converted it and all better. Still wondering why some work and some dont, everything is identical.

Got me coach.  I Don’t know.   Might see if others have the same issue with ogg.    I did have a couple hundred ogg files I ripped from CD,  I didn’t experience any problem.    I was using an older version (I assume it was older) of ogg vorbis aoTuV Lancer b5 (20061024). 

I might have got it figured out…But Nope… Im just gonna Delete the songs from the Fuze and wait to hear from Sansa.

Ignore this entire thread except for this Question. Are there bugs in the Fuze’s ogg playback support?

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I know this doesn’t answer your question, but I just wanted to report that I’ve never had a problem with any ogg vorbis file on either of my 2 fuzes; which were purchased months apart from different retailers.  I’ve never reconverted a file, however, from mp3 to ogg.  I have either the original source material or the files that were restored using my audio restoration software…and have always created files directly to the ogg vorbis format.  I have also never used MM as a vehicle to encode any files either.  I either use the program in my sig or lately, Winamp.

I’ve also never experienced any problems with converted Oggs (I have quite a few), but I didn’t convert them with MM. If the Fuze has an Ogg bug, perhaps it has something to do with that encoder.

@bdb wrote:
I’ve also never experienced any problems with converted Oggs (I have quite a few), but I didn’t convert them with MM. If the Fuze has an Ogg bug, perhaps it has something to do with that encoder.

I’m thinking exactly the same thing.  Since ogg vorbis is an open source codec, it can be tinkered with by the designers of the program (or others) where it resides.  There is one program that I occasionally use that also incorporates the ogg vorbis codec.  I don’t know who fiddled with the codec, but the codec supplied with the said program will not perform properly.  A similar thing may be happening here.  I would try a verified codec from the vorbis website to see if that makes any difference.

Yes and we are working on them. To be helpful please post a file or two to a file sharing site and send me (PM) a link so I can get them.

What site do you prefer? I dont often use them so I am unfarmilliar with what is out there.

CB -

Just Google ‘free file hosting sites’. There’s a whole gaggle of 'em. As long as it’s free to you and someone else can can get to the file(s) to download once you give them the URL, that’s all that counts. :wink:

We have a OGG file now that we can duplicate the problem with, FYI.

We are working to resolve it for the next release.

Apparently MMs OGG encoded files require more memory allocation than we currently support.

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I am trying another converter for FLAC files thats open source.

The encoder uses the latest OGG encoder.

Please leave the Album art off for now. Also leave off ID3 tags, Write Vorbis Comments only.