Question about playing and organizing non-music audios on my Fuze

I download and listen to a lot of lectures and sermons on my Fuze.  They are by a particular person (“artist”) and sometimes they are part of a series (“album”) but they are not music or albums really.  How can I put them on the Fuze so that they are easy to find and play?  On a previous mp3 player I was able to create folders that I could name and search so I had a folder for each speaker and inside that folder a folder for each series and inside those folders were the individual lecture recordings.  I tried that on my Fuze but it doesn’t use the folder names that I use, so I have to search and search sometimes to find what I am looking for.

Anyone that downloads lectures or sermons and has some tips, I would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks a lot.

I Put Lectures on as Audiobooks, and Sermons under podcasts. This wont really help much If you listen to a ton of podcasts or audiobooks. I have alot of podcasts, which I keep on an external card, and then keep my lectures/sermons on yet another external card.