Audiobooks on micro SD card

Ok so i have put all my music on the fuze, and run out of space. I also have a micro SD card which i want to put audiobooks onto. My question is how can i get the fuze to recognise them as audiobooks when they are on the sd card. They are in mp3 format, so will they just show up as songs seeing as their not in the audiobooks folder?

With the new firmware, it will automatically create a /MUSIC/AUDIOBOOKS folder and /MUSIC/PODCASTS folder in your SD card.  You just put the MP3 inside one of this folders and they will be recognized as either audiobooks or podcasts.

You may need to change the genre to audiobook and make sure it’s Audiobook.  Not audiobookS or any other spelling.  It has to be what the Fuze has on there (trust me I know:wink:).