I want my Fuze+ to handle audiobooks the same way my old fuze did.

I am VERY unhappy that the new fuze+ will not seperate audiobooks (if they are tagged correctly) like the old Fuze did.  Listening to an audiobook is now much harder and more cumbersome.  Will Sansa correct this in a future firmware update.

Since I primarilly use my mp3 player to listen to audiobooks I am considering taking the thing back to radioshak!

I agree.  I returned the product really fast after discovering this.  Also, audiobook bookmarking seems to have dissappeared.  Please, someone tell me if I’m wrong.

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Revert back to the 1.29 firmware and the tags dictate how the audiobooks list in the music folder. 1.30 changes the location if taged as audiobook.

to get files to show up under the podcast section just put them in the podcast folder. to get files to show up under the audiobook menu you can edit the genre in the id3 tag and set it to audiobook, these can be in any folder other than the podcast folder and it will show under audiobooks. this is with the latest firmware. 

Dr. Lucky  Please restate your reply in English.  How do I edit the genre in the “id3 tag”?  What is the id3 tag?  When I put audiobooks under podcast, why can’t I get them in a list, like in my old player?  Why do I have to go through every disk of every book?  Can’t I just get a list of books, then open the book I want, then go to the disk I want, like the old way?


@drlucky wrote:

för att få filer ska visas under podcast placera avsnitt bara dem i mappen podcast. för att få filer att visa på ljudbok-menyn kan du redigera genre i id3-taggen och Ställ in den på ljudbok, dessa kan vara i någon annan mapp än mappen podcast och det kommer visas under ljudböcker. Detta är med den senaste inbyggda programvaran


Well, I think that’s what he said.


Actually, in a nutshell, he’s right.  In short:


The files on your Sansa are catalogued based upon their embedded tags.  These are the ID3 tags drlucky is referring to.  The tags are standard for MP3 and WMA audio files. The ID3 tag metadata is the Album / Artist / Genre information that you can search on the Fuze.


This information can be edited by using the Advanced Tag Editor in Windows Media Player 10 and 11, or by right clicking on the track in WiMP12 (Microsoft dropped the tag editor name in the latest version of WiMP, go figure.)  Alternately, download and install MP3Tag , probably the best ID3 tag editor out there (it’s free too), and edit the Genre to Audiobook.


Back to the differences between the Fuze and Fuze+.


Audiobooks can be found in a different location (Yes, I agree, a separate Audiobook node or menu location would be great).  They can be found under Podcasts.


Any audio file with the Genre set to audiobook will be redirected to the podcast node when navigating.  Drlucky was telling you that the Fuze+ will locate all “audiobook” tagged files under podcasts, regardless of where they are stored.


Additionally, if the audiobooks are dropped in the podcast folder, they will be available under podcasts, with the same bookmark functionality.


Audiobooks can be a real pickle if they are ripped from CD.  The ID3 tags are automatically added, if available, by WIndows Media Player.  Media Monkey can do this as well.  But there’s a big problem with audiobooks versus music:  the internet databases used by MM or WiMP are populated based upon user inputs, and guess what 99% of these inputs are for?  Indeed, music CDs.  Audiobooks are much, much rarer entries than music, so your ID3 tag information can really be fubar.


This is why I strongly recommend using a tag editor like MP3tag.


Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

Has anyone received a response from the manufacturer that they intend to make this product friendly for audiobooks?

The old Sanza 4g handled them just fine.

If I want Audible, then I’ll put them on but this customer wants the ability to place MP3 audiobooks that I already own on this device.

I do NOT feel a need to jump through file conversion or flaming hoops under podcast or music. Audiobook listners should be able to just place the book into the folder “audiobook” and have the device know what to do.

I didn’t have any issues for the audiobook until I went to 01.32 version. Now they want me to put everything in Podcast directory? Trying to navigate my audiobooks thru podcast is now a nightmare! I prefer the other format with my audiobooks in an audiobook folder. I have tried to downgrade the firmware to a version that is suitable to me (manually), but the player will now allow. Any suggestions to get me back to 01.29.03 or even 01.27 versions?

I don’t think of it as a “downgrade”, think or it as retrograde instead.  The Sansa can run any available version of its firmware, as each firmware.sb file is a complete package.

You can, if desired, follow the manual firmware installation for the earlier version of your choice, if it is better for your preferences.  Simply use the search box in the upper right, and locate the desired version.

Then follow the manual installation instructions.  Don’t forget to temporarily remove the microSD card for the installation, as we don’t want the device to attempt addressing it until the firmware is installed.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: