Audiobooks-Basic Question

Basic question; I just started using Audiobooks.

Why is an Audiobook folder any different than a standard folder with regular mp3 files?

What triggers the Fuze knowing that the files are part of an Audiobook?  They are still just mp3 files stuck into a folder, right?

(I tried to check archives, FAQ and the Sansa Fuze Owner’s Manual but couldn’t find this basic info)


I personally drag and drop all folders into the music section.  As long as the genre is set to ‘audiobook’ they also appear in the Audiobook section.  No other genre setting (like speech, or fiction etc) seems to work so that usually means that I have to go in with MP3Tag and make sure the tags are compliant.  I usually do the track numbers at the same time as every audiobook seems to have a different numbering format.

How the Fuze reacts to Audiobooks has probably changed a great deal since the original firmware.  The nice thing now is that if you interrupt your listening session, and even if you listen to something else in the interim, when you go back to the Audiobook you are given the option of starting up where you left off (even in mid-file) or resuming from the beginning.

Thanks.  I didn’t know it was theGenre tag that clued the Fuze in to Audiobook content.  Makes sense.

Yeah- having it pick up at the point you left off is convenient.  Same thing with videos.

Hi new audiobook user.

I have been using audiobooks for 5 years but my new Fuze kindly brought back from the states  (I’m in the UK.) by my son gave me alsorts of problems with them!  Have you got the firmware update which gives you a ‘Play all’ facility in Audio books? also Have you discovered MP3TAG? it numbers the total number of tracks through out the book,           1-however many there are. so the book does not stop at the change of every cd, i.e the fuze then thinks all the tracks are on 1 cd.  Wonderful if you are listening in bed and don’t want to fiddle finding the next CD.

I realise this is simplistic and not ‘geek’ talk but i am over sixty!!! Regards Purplecow47

There are two ways to get the Fuze, Clip+, or Clip to recognize a file as an audiobook file. One is to have the genre tag set to audiobook , and the other is to have the file in the player’s audiobook file regardless of what the genre tag is. audiobook files are kept together as a unit and will play as a unit if they have the same album tag. You can get them to play in the proper sequence by using the track number tag.

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