Separating Audio Books from Music

I have a Fuze+ and I like it pretty well.  I have a lot of music on it and I also listen to audiobooks in MP3 and WMA.  When I want music I set to shuffle.  I don’t want random chapters of books playing in the middle of the Doors and Yes.  Besides, I would prefer to see books separated from the music on the Fuze interface. 

I tried putting books under “Podcasts” but that made the books play at half speed. 

Anyone have any bright ideas?

Have you tried putting them in the Audio Books folder?

Btw, you can change the speed of podcasts back to normal speed if you want.

Make sure that your genre identifier on the mp3/wma you are loading on your Fuse is correct.  It has to say “audiobook” or the sansa will not put it in the correct menu

Yeah, put audiobooks in the podcast folder, they show up on the main menu as books. To change the speed - when the audiobook is playing, tap the centre of the control pad and you can select slow, normal or fast speed, then tap on the ‘back’ control.