Audiobook on SD Card

The new firmware is great.  You can now put the audiobook MP3 file directly onto the MUSIC\Audiobook\ folder, and it will appear in the audiobook selection.  Now I can use a mobile phone to download audiobook to the card and transfer the file to the Sansa Fuse to playback!  I don’t need to use a PC :smiley:

Message Edited by hyiu00 on 12-15-2008 01:54 AM

I have the original firmware on my 4 month old Fuze (think it has a lot of 1’s in it, no 5’s). I usually D&D mp3 audiobook files directly into the Audiobook folder. the Music folder is on the same “level” as the audiobook folder. Do you have a sub-folder named Audiobook under the Music folder?

It would be nice if the Fuze would have an separate Audiobook Item when you go thru the various items via the Menu button. Currently with my firmware the Audiobook folder (and selections) are under the Music item via the Menu button.

Did this last issue change with the newest firmware?


No, the current firmware still has audiobook under music menu.  But that is just one more click into it.  It is no big deal to me.

The subfolder “audiobook” and “podcast” are now automatically created under the Music folder in both the SD card and the internal memory.

Thanks for the explanation. Was the Audiobook and Podcast folders NOT created automatically on the SD card with the older firmware? I have not used any external memory…yet.

Yes, on older firmware, even if I manually create a audiobook folder, and put files in there, it still cannot recognize as an audiobook.  I had to tag the MP3 files with a genre tag “audiobook”.  Now with the new firmware is much easier without the need to tag.