Ubuntu 8.10, Sansa Fuze, and new 8GB microSD card

Good morning!
Did some searching but didn’t find anything, although I imagine it’s been covered somewhere.  Have only had the Fuze for a week and so far things seem to be working OK.  We have Windows PC’s but I’m trying to move all operations to Linux.  Popped a SanDisk 8GB microSD in the Fuze yesterday.  It’s recognized as a second device, with one folder, “Music”. 

My wife is using the Fuze for audiobooks.  Not knowing how the Fuze would handle the extra storage, I tried moving an audiobook to the original Audiobooks folder, but got an error message - not enuf space.

How do you go about making the extra storage available for audiobooks?

As far as I know, there is no special measure you must take to use the external storage (microSD card) but creating the same folders as on the internal flash storage. In your case it is a matter of

  • connecting your Fuze in MSC mode to the Linux PC

  • creating the AUDIOBOOKS folder on the external storage (besides the MUSIC folder)

  • copying your files over to this newly created folder

The Fuze will then auto-magically merge the content of the two AUDIOBOOKS folders - from internal and external storage.