Looking for way to separate folders for Music vs Lecture audio programs

What’s the best way to separate my music files from Lecture type of audio?

I tried creating a folder on my device - but the folder did not display in my fuze when I went to look for it.  Everything comes up in my " Music " which isn’t where I want it.

I’m looking for the best way to separate lecture - business audio from Music ( they’re mp3 files ) - here are the only ideas I can think of - looking for other suggestions if there are any better ideas out there?

  1. I can put them in podcast folder - ( it’s an option - but I’d rather save that for podcasts if at all possible )

  2. I can put it in audiobooks ( not sure if this will work or not - if I just put a standard mp3 file into audio books - is there anything I need to alter to get it working )

3) I thought about putting it in photo section - b/c I don’t use the photo feature -but I’m guessing mp3 files won’t play from the photo section.

I’m open to all ideas - please feel free to post any suggestions that would work - maybe something I hadn’t thought of


An audiobook is basically a separate set of mp3’s (files) saved in a Folder in the Audiobooks directory.    If they share the same tag information,  they can be selected through the Audiobooks menu, and then by book title (Album tag).     Tags are:   Title (name of the file, chapter, part),   Album (Name of the book),  Artist (Name of the Author),  Genre (Audiobook),  Track (the order to play them).   

The audiobooks would be played separate from Music play.    And can take advantage of playing speed,    slow, normal and fast.   It could be music, but most all the time they are Speech, so playing fast helps get through a book faster and helps ones mind to keep concentrated on the story.

You can use a free tag editor like  mp3tag to edit the tags on a windows xp/vista OS.   EasyTag is another program (there is a Linux version)

Maybe this work around would help. Change the ‘genre’ field in the ID3 tag using a dedicated tagging program like those suggested by niko (who by the way just got green-lit) to ‘Lectures’ or ‘Speeches’ or whatever floats your boat. Then although they will still be included if you use the ‘Play All’ function (as long as they are .mp3), you can seek them out by looking in the ‘Genres’ listing. When you select it, only these files will be shown and you can select from only these to play.

Business audio goes in the audiobooks folder while music goes in the music folder.