Podcasts and playlists

I made a playlist that exclusively contained podcasts.  After syncing to my 8GB Sansa Fuze, the playlist only contained one item.  I remembered that this one podcasts had a genre other than “podcast”.  (All my podcasts were visible in the podcast folder)

Since the only podcast that showed up in my playlist had a non-podcast genre.  I changed the genre to “cast” for all podcasts and re-synced.  After doing this my podcasts were all in the playlist.  Of course now the podcasts were not in the podcast folder and auto-bookmarking was not available.

I’ve got the latest firmware installed on my Sansa Fuze.  Are other users out there able to create and use playlists that contain podcasts?  If so, any idea what I’m doing wrong?

There is a way but the person who figured it out did so by accident, and I dont remember the exact steps because It didnt apply to me, I have my podcasts on a seperate card, but start by Changeing the tags back to podcast and in the podcast folder create a subfolder called podcast and put the files in there, then use mp3tag or media monkey to create a .m3u file for the playlist and put that file in the subfolder as well. See if that works.

find the podcast(s) you want to add to a playlist - Change the Genre from podcast to other or anything else in the advanced tag editor - this will allow you to add podcasts to your playlist and actually  play them in the list.