Bug: Playlists Break With Genre=Podcast

I tried to report this bug though support, but just got into a
frustrating email runaround.  Could someone put this into the system so
the developers can see it and perhaps escalate resolution.  Thanks.

Whenever a music file is tagged with genre=Podcast, it does not appear
in playlists.

Hardware is Fuze 2G BE0805AVUK-2GB
Firmware 1.01.26.  Similar behavior occured on 1.01.22.

Testcase as follows:

1 Configure Fuze USB interface to MSC mode
2 Format USB disk from windows, so we have a known starting point
3 Prepare two MP3 files
        a) m.mp3 with ID3 genre=Popular
        b) p.mp3 with ID3 genre=Popular
4 Prepare a playlist file, test.m3u, with the following content
        (blank line)
5 Copy the three files, m.mp3, p.mp3, test.m3u to the device toplevel directory
6 Disconect the device (Which causes index to be rebuilt)
        a) m and p are visible under Music->Genres->Popular
        b) There is a playlist “test” under Music->Playlists
        c) The playlist “test” contains m and p
8 Reconnect the devce to the PC
9 Using a tag editor, change ID3 genre for p.mp3 to genre=Podcast
10 Disconect the device (Which causes index to be rebuilt)
11 Observe
        a) m is visible under Music->Genres->Popular
        b) p is visible under Music->Podcasts
        c) There is a playlist “test” under Music->Playlists
        d) The playlist “test” only contains “m”

Correct behavior would be playlist “test” contains m and p

For SanDisk management, please refer to eBox thread 2477351 for my initial dialog with your staff.

What happens if you re-add the m3u playlist after changing the tag? (And you might try clearing the database too, mtable.sys in the root directory).

I’m just wondering if the original m3u established a pointer to the p.mp3 file, and having changed the file the pointer doesn’t recognize it. 

Thanks for the response, but neither of these things (would) make a difference.

I just re-tested to make sure.

I would also like to mention similar behavior exists if the Fuze USB interface is configured for MTP mode.