Looks like podcasts can not be used in play lists for Sansa Fuze

Hi, I’m using Windows Media Player 11 with my brand new Sansa Fuze 4 GB.  It has the latest firmware update.  I can make playlists out of mp3 songs and sermons that I’ve downloaded.  But podcasts that I got using the iTunes subscribe feature will not appear in the Fuze after I unplug it.  When I navigate down to the playlist, the playlist name is there, but when I select it none of the podcasts are there.

The final test I did was I created in my PC a folder with one song and one podcast.  Then in Windows Media Player I created a new play list and dragged that folder into the Windows media right panel to create the play list.  After I saved the playlist I switched to Sync and then clicked Start Sync.  The sync shows BOTH files are syncd.  After disconnecting the Fuze I navigate down to the playlist but ONLY the song is in it.

Is it true that the Fuze does NOT support podcasts in it’s play lists?



This is a hard question to answer yes or no. It will play podcasts in a playlist but… you will lose some of the controls that come with podcasts. Things like Playspeed adjustments and bookmarking wont work. To do this you have to edit the Id3tag in the podcast, and set the genre to anything other than speech or podcast, this tells the fuze to treat the file just like a song, the thing to remember is that the podcast will be in with your songs. There are also things you could try with folder nav but I dont know those off hand.

A podcast playlist?

Here’s what I use as an example, with two different devices, the Sansa Fuze, and the e280v2.  I listen to the BBC NewsPod daily, BBC’s Scotland’s Funny Bits, and news feeds from NASA, for starters.  The genre of these podcasts is “podcast”.  I use Juice as my podcast aggregator, and the downloaded 'casts all have their own playlists built in WiMP11.

This way, they are separated from the music on the devices, without having to mess with them.

Well, the Fuze and Clip have updated firmware that “steals” the podcasts from their designated playlist and places them into the podcast folder.  In these devices, If we navigate to playlists, the three folders show as empty, but they can be found under podcasts.

The e280v2 handles podcasts “old school”, leaving the playlist alone.  I have my podcasts automatically “cleaned up” to the most recent casts using Juice.  At the end of each podcast, the e200 loads each successive broadcast.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: