All I Want from Fuze is Podcasts

What’s going on with this Sansa Fuze?  I just bought it today, expecting it would work in a similar manner to the e250.  That was such an easy unit, with drop/drag podcasts through Windows Explorer (Windows XP) or I could ‘save link as…’ from online and send it right to the unit.

This Fuze is conFUZing.  I tried a synch with my WMP and it started loading all the songs I had in my library.  I have absolutely NO interest in trying Rhapsody.  I will never buy music online and do not want to give Rhapsody or Sansa credit card information online.  There’s no need.  I will buy nothing.  

Can this unit just download and play podcasts?  I had no reason to research the Fuze to make sure it still was easy to use for a podcast player. 

I looked around online and there are apparently some issues with podcasts and the Fuze.

If not, will SanDisk refund my money?

If you download it you should be able to drag and drop the mp3 files to the player. It works for me. I just download my podcasts to my desktop and drag them over. What mode is the player in? Make sure you go to Settings>System Settings> USB Mode>MSC.

Just like your e250, the Fuze loads in the same manner.  If you used WiMP to synchronize automatically with your e-series player, all is the same.

Remember that if you are going to 'sync" with WiMP, you must configure the sync, lest the player try to fill up your Sansa with everything (including the proverbial kitchen sink) from your PC’s library.

Windows Media Player is an excellent tool to manage your podcasts, especially over time.

The primary difference with the Fuze versus the e-series player is that podcast order is inverted from newest-to-oldest, and podcasts are “stolen” from your playlists, then transferred into the “podcast” folder, by the Fuze.

Other than that, it’s identical to the e-series player, with a whole host of enhancements.

If you have podcasts identified as “podcast” in the genre field of their ID3 tag, the Fuze steals the files and places them in the podcast folder.  Otherwise, they will be left alone.

I prefer to use a podcast aggregator , like Juice to automatically keep track of daily / weekly podcasts, placing them in WiMP 11’s library.  Media Monkey does this as well.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: