Getting Podcasts W/O Rhapsody Software

I bought a Fuze for only one purpose:  to listen to free podcasts I d/l from online.  I don’t want to buy anything.  I don’t even want to listen to music on my Fuze.  However, when I went to install the software for it, I am taken to a Rhapsody sign up.  I don’t want Rhapsody.  I tried this before and it wanted credit card information.  I don’t want to give that because I am buying NOTHING. 

I am NOT very up to speed on mp3 player technology.  Can I d/l podcasts to WMP and load them that way?  If I eventually do get my Fuze synchronized to it, can I just download podcasts to the podcast folder in WMP and download them that way?

1)  Can I get my podcast working without signing up for a Rhapsody account?

2)  Can I download individual podcasts I find to WMP (or some other program you suggest) and just simply load them on the player?

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Of course you can do it without Rhapsody. Put the Fuze in MSC mode and you can just drag-and-drop any file on to it. 

But it is going to depend on which podcasts you want to hear. 

Edited: Go to Settings/System Settings and change USB mode to MSC. 

Now, back in MSC mode…

The Fuze plays lots of formats: mp3, wma, ogg, flac and wav. It does not play m4a, the iPod format. 

So, first, download your podcast. You can do that with iTunes (make sure you know where the files are going to be saved, under Edit/Preferences/Advanced) or by clicking on the links on the podcast sites or with podcast aggregators like Juice,

Look at what you’ve downloaded to see what file type it is  (like Podcast.mp3–mp3 is the file type). If it’s mp3 or one of the other file types played by the Fuze, that’s good. If it is m4a, then use Media Coder to convert it to mp3. 

In MSC mode, the Fuze works like any other Flash drive. Make a Podcasts folder and drag 'em in there.

But you won’t see Podcasts on the Fuze display. You’ll see Music for audio files.   

With any luck you’ll be able to see the podcasts under Music on the Fuze. But…you might not, because they need ID3 tags–part of mp3 files–in a format the Fuze likes. Read about ID3 tagging here.

Unfortunately, there’s no standard tagging format for podcasts, so you may have to tweak them. 

Hint: you might make the Genre tag Podcast, so you can look in Genre under Music and find them. 

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Thanks.  This has been most helpful!  You should rewrite the manual.  :smiley:  I still have much to learn about tags, about how to set things up for a synch job, etc. but at least now I have some podcasts downloaded on my computer.  Where and how I get the podcasts, of course, is my own concern, but I do want to post a warning here about iTunes.  I used to use them for all my podcasts but had some real issues with the software.  It, like RealPlayer, just takes over, and unfortunately during an update last year, their software totally messed up my file associations and eventually I had to reinstall Windows because the damage was unrepairable. 

Thanks again.  Now that I’m seeing the Fuze in action, I’m liking it.

Where are Settings to change to MSC mode? I don’t know where to go.

From the main menu, scroll to Settings, then System Settings > USB Mode > MSC.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

I am very confused. I put the CD in and thought I was uploading the Media Manager, but all I see to have on my computer is Rhapsody. I don’t see the program that runs the Sansa files. Can you help a very non-technie? Thank you.


For transferring music, you don’t need any software. It’s all in Windows already.

Under Settings/System Settings you’ll find USB Mode. MSC mode lets you drag-and-drop audio files (.mp3, .wma., .ogg) onto the Fuze like any hard drive or thumb drive. MTP lets you sync the unit with Windows Media Player (10 or 11).

To transfer video, you need the Sansa Media Converter, which needs to be installed from online via the Sansa Updater.

Or you can use one of the alternatives from here.

Rhapsody will also transfer video, but the one on the CD is probably an older version. Go to if you want the new one. It’s a big program, though, and while installing it you have to prevent it from making itself your default audio player. 

MediaMonkey has a podcast catcher as well, although it can be a little intimidating to someone new to it, and not too tech-savvy. 

I have no idea where the Settings/System Settings is. Are you talking about something within the Fuze Media Manager or settings on my computer. I’m completely lost and have no idea how to get this going. Help!

Amarok is another free cross-platform podcast aggregator/media player.

Turn the wheel on the Fuze. You’ll see Video, Music and Settings. Click  the center wheel on Settings and you’ll see a new menu. Turn the wheel until you see System Settings, click again, turn the wheel (it’s not on the first screen) to find USB Mode.

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