Putting videos on your Fuze 100% guaranteed to work.

Hello, I wanted to post this after trying several methods to put videos on my Fuze. The following instructions work ONLY with Sansa Media Converter4.256 which can be found here:


You also need to have Windows XP with service pack 3 updated. This may or may not work on Windows Vista, but I wouldn’t hold my breath, that OS is the biggest PoS atm, due to lack of 3rd party support. However, SMC is MADE to run on SP3, so you do need to have that. WinXP without SP3 installed will give you error messages when you try to install and run SMC. 

My system specs are:

2.2ghz dual core pentium e2200

2 gigs of DDR2 ram

This is important to know so that you can guage how long this process will take for you. 

The following codecs are installed on my computer:

K-lite codec pack v5.0.5 full

VLC media player v0.9.6

I also have Win Avi v8.0 installed

My Fuze is a 2gb black model with a class 2 8gb Sandisk micro SD card. My firmware version is 10.02.26A. Converting video works on both the memory card and internal memory. At the moment, I use my external card for music and the internal memory for everything else. 

A lot of people are reporting video/audio sync problems with their players. These instructions are a fix to those problems. I know Themicheal posted a fix of his own, but after trying his fix, I still had audio sync problems and the sizes of the files after being put on my player were HUGE. 

I originally came up with a workaround to using SMC in the first place, but there were problems with it, such as:

  • Video not playing from the external card.

  • Video crashing when using the Forward/Back feature.

  • Video not being able to resume playback after being paused or the player being turned off. 

  • Some instances where the video would actually be able to resume playback, were out of sync. 

So, the only way you could enjoy movies is by starting them fresh, and watching them the whole way through. If you have a bootleg copy of windows XP or you just don’t want to get the Service Pack updates, this method will work for you:

  1. Convert all videos to Xvid Avi using Magic Video Converter. This ensures that you can use Win Avi to convert them. However, some videos my not need to be converted like this.

  2. Then you run them through Win Avi with the following advanced settings:

Framerate - 20-30 fps, whichever gives you better playback, file size will be bigger. 

video size - 224x176

This drastically shrinks the file sizes, which is nice for people like me who have a smaller capacity fuze. You can put a lot of videos on there with this method. 

  1. Drag + drop the videos to the videos folder on your Fuze. 

The files will playback, but only under the conditions I talked about previously. 

Now, here is the method that I use currently, as a user with XP sp3 and SMC 4.256 installed. 

  1. Run the video through Win Avi with the following setting:

ZJmedia MPEG4 encoder

FPS set to 20-30

picture size set to 224x176

audio set to 128k bit mp3 with 44.1k sampling rate

  1. Convert the media using SMC putting it either on your external card or internal memory. 

  2. Enjoy! The video quality is superb and the audio will be in sync. You should have no issues resuming playback or using the search functions. 

The only downside is that SMC increases the file sizes of things you put on there, I have NO CLUE as to why. 

Good luck and leave any questions you have I will try to respond to them ASAP. 

Oh, and one last thing, on my machine, this entire process only takes between 10-20 mins to complete. 

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