Problems with old 4g clip (wont turn and PC wont recognize it)

Ive had this 4gig sansa clip for a while and used the recorder to record a song of mine on it two weeks ago.

I kept replaying it over and over the day before yesterday and it just shut off in the middle of playing i figured the battery had died which seemed unlikely because i had charged it that morning.

I let it charge all day and now it wont even turn on.

when it was connected sometimes it would display either “writing” or “connecting” or it would just display the sansa logo, when it displays the “writing” it would show that for a while and would have the little animation for a while and then it would freeze

either way after unplugging it and repluggin it a few dozen times it recognized on my computer and i formatted it to get rid of everything on it and after it was finished i unplugged it and tried to turn it on and it went on but said “refreshing database” or something like that, for 30 minutes.

that was a few hours ago, i replugged it into my computer

and now it just displays the sansa logo and my computer doesnt recognize it, and when i unplug it it wont even turn on.

any help would be appreciated because this has been by far the best MP3 player ive ever owned.

just wanted to add a few things, i dont know what MSC or MTP mode is, a friend of mine said something about putting it in MSC mode but i dont know what he meant.