Problem with Sandisk Updater - Failed to Update Error Code #1003

Have downloaded latest version of updater but when searching for the latest firmware for my OH’s new Fuze we get the following message; “Failed to complete the uodate, contact Sandisk with error code #1003”.

Her Fuze is a V1 with firmware 011 so definitely would benefit fron the new firmware.

Any suggestions?


I had the same problem. Forget the sasa updater and directly click on the link underneath it to do it manually. Download the Zipped file and right-click to make a new folder. Then, put the zipped folder in the new folder and click on the new folder. Right-click and click extract all. The zipped file will come to a wizard and follow those directions. Then, plug in your fuze and go to my computer>Sansa Fuze>Internal memory>drag the file into the internal memory. Unplug your Sansa and turn it on, then it will say installing Firmware update, then it atuomatically closes, open it ,settings,info you should now be upgraded.

Hope this helped!

If you look around the board here, you’ll find several threads and posts regarding this same error msg. with using the Sansa Updater.

You don’t NEED it. Just follow the step-by-step directions in the firmware update post for manually installing the f/w. It’s NOT that hard and you’ll have the satisfaction of saying, “I did it myself!” :smiley:

Thanks chaps. Relieved to hear that the Updater problem is not unique to us.

Found some easy to follow instructions to manually update and it’s workd perfectly. Now on version .022F

Thanks again

Hey Dave -

Can you tell me where you found the instructions - I am getting the error code 1007 from the updater and can’t get past it. I am a newbie also.



@donholzhause wrote:

Hey Dave -


Can you tell me where you found the instructions - I am getting the error code 1007 from the updater and can’t get past it. I am a newbie also.




OK Don Im gonna sound a little mean but DID YOU LOOK AROUND THE BOARD? At thevery top there is a thread called “SANSA FUZE FIRMWARE UPDATE” Go there and read the very first post. 

I capatilized what I did not to yell at you or sound mean but because when ever you have a problem before you post it look around first. Use this boards search option. And then if you just cant find a solution to your problem or dont understand the solution go ahead and post we will be glad to help. 

Why is this a big deal? Well people come here and do a search about their problems and when you have hundreds of seperate threads (Like you do on this issue) it is really hard for them to find solutions, so they post and the multiple thread option is just compounded. So please consult the Firmware update thread, and do a search, and If you have problems them post again. There are tons of people here who are willing to help.

Ah, being new is fun in its own way.  We forget, all too soon, that once we register and log in, seeing that first post is a wee accomplishment. 

Remember that a significant percentage of those posts that show Posts: 1 fall into this category.

Welcome to the Sansa forum!

The code 1003 refers to an error with the server linking with the Updater.  Simply look into the Firmware Update thread in the highlighted stickies, and use the manual update method.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: