Error: "Universal Firmware updater has stopped working."

So, I’ve been having so many problems with my Fuze lately that I can’t even list them all. My previous thread explains the major problem.

And now I keep getting this message: “Universal firmware updater for Sandisk Sansa MP3 players has stopped working.” It says a problem caused it to stop working correctly. Windows will close and notify me of any solutions. And it NEVER does. *sigh*

So… First off, does this error have anything to do with my Fuze’s strange behavior (freezing, pausing, deleating songs, etc)? Or is this unrelated?

Either way, how exactly is this error affecting me?

Please and thanks.

the firmware updater is not really needed. you can uninstall it from add remove programs. if you need to do a firmware update just come here. at the top of the board is a stickied post with the manual update instructions. very easy to do and will not give you the greif of the updater. 

Thank you! At least that’s one less thing to worry about. :stuck_out_tongue:

As for the rest of my troubles… I’m just going to keep trying new “creative” ways of fixing it… lol

Hey…i just signed into Sandisk’s community…can you help me with something? I recently bought an SD card of 2 GB from Sandisk for my Sandisk e200 model. The problem is my Sandisk is not recognizing the SD card. When I’m attaching it to the pc(the USB mode is MSC) I can see the Removable drive but when I’m clicking on it it’s showing “Please insert a disk into removable drive”. Yesterday however it suddenly recognized the SD card and I was able to copy some music on it. But again the pc(as well as the music player) is not recognizing it. Can you please help me out? When I’m removing the player from the pc i’m getting a message saying “Universal firmware updater for Sandisk Sansa MP3 players has stopped working”. Can you make anything out of it? If you can help me out I’ll be most obliged. My Operating System is Windows Vista.

Get rid of the updater. It tries to call SanDisk every time you boot up, which is a huge waste of your time.

Go to Add or Remove Programs and run the uninstaller. Take a look at these forums once a month or so, near the top, and see if there’s a new firmware and add it manually.

The other problem is probably not related. Are you sure the card is all the way in? It should snap in with a little click, and then to remove it you have to push it in to unsnap it. If you can just pull it out, you haven’t got it all the way in. Harder to explain than to do. 

If you are sure the card has clicked in, it could be a defective card. You might try it in anything else you have that takes a microSD card, like maybe a cell phone or a camera, or try it if you have a USB card reader. 

Also try every USB port on your computer. They all get different amounts of power. 

Hey…thanks a lot…the first problem has been solved. As for the second problem regarding the SD card-well yeah it’s all the way in. The curious thing is that even though the player is not recognizing the memory card it’s still playing the songs which are there on the card. That’s very interesting. Also I noticed that if the player is connected to the pc for an hour or so the pc as well as the player is detecting the card. I know it sounds crazy but that’s what’s happening. Yeah it could be a defective one though but I have another one of the same make and I’m having the same problem with that card. Could it be that both of them are defective? Or is there something else to it? Besides every time I’m connecting it to the pc I’m getting an error message saying “Application not found”. It has started very recently-I’ve scanned it for virus and it’s clean. Sorry for giving you all these troubles but I’d be grateful if you could sort it out for me! Do you think I should have formatted the card before inserting inside the player??? Thanks a lot for helping out with the first problem…