Fuze arrived in mail. Firmware updater issues. PLEASE HELP.

I recently got a Fuze 8GB on ebay. I know that’s not a reliable source, but the thing came just fine. However, when I plugged it in, the updater started. This is where the problems started. Something happened in the firmware update. It started fine, but then crashed partway through. The program went down and the whole computer froze. I had to perform a hard reset on the machine. When I restarted it, the player was corrupted. I opened the rockbox installer to see if it could even find the thing because the only other option seemed to be some sort of formatting Windows was trying to get me to do on it. Rockbox couldn’t find itbut then said itinstalled correctly. Now whenever I go to turn it on the rockbox splash screen shows up for a second or two and then it says “loading firmware” and “file not found” before the splash screen goes away. When it does, the screen goes black with the words “Pluh USB cable” in white in thecenter of the screen. So I tried that and Windows forced a format and now when I plug it into the computer it reads as a freshly formatted flash drive. Neither rockbox or the Sansa Updater recognize it. Please help, I need this thing functioning by May or earlier.

What is the actual problem, that you can’t update the firmware? If so, just uninstall the sandisk updater crap and use the manual update directions.

I wish it were thsimple. It will not start and now has no firmware on it because Windows formatted it. It is basically a flash drive with a useless screen and other controls. I have a copy of the original firmware but I don’t know how to get it back onto the device and make it a useable mp3 player again.

If Windows sees the Fuze you might be OK.  With any luck, Windows only formatted the user content part of the fuze, not the hidden partition that deals with the firmware.

Go to this thread:


And download the two links that say All Regions. They are for the two different hardware versions of the Fuze. They are .zip files–you have to unZip them.

Unzip the V1 version. Take the fuzeA.bin file and drag-and-drop it onto the driveletter of the Fuze. Disconnect and see if it loads the firmware.

If not, try the V2 one and send over its fuzesomething.bin file (I forget what it is exactly, but there’s only one .bin file in the .zip). And if that doesn’t work, check back here because yes, that means it is more seriously messed up.