Problem with playlists

I’ve created some playlists using WMP 11. When I sync the playlist to my fuze the files copy over, but when I try to play the playlist not all of the titles are under the playlist. A couple of the playlists doesn’t have anything listed under them on the fuze, but the podcasts are on the fuze. I can use these same playlists and sync them to my clip without any problems. Any ideas?

This might not be the solution you’re after, but I would stop using WMP and switch to something else.  I use media monkey, playlists are easy and I’ve never had an issue with missing tracks.  I know a lot of people on here use winamp with success too.  There are also several scripts listed on this board, which should come up in a search.

Found something else out. If the Genre is “Podcast” the podcast doesn’t show up under the Playlist, but do instead show up under Podcast. Since I use the playlist to sync the pods to the fuze. I also would like to play them in the order of the playlist. This would appear to be a bug with the Fuze as with my Clip the podcast are listed both under Podcast and under the Playlists that I’ve created. Or do I have some thing set up wrong? The “short” work around for now is to go through all the podcasts and change their Genre to something other than podcast. Anyone have any other ideas?