Problem with playlist

At the moment I have 3 playlists. I can select one and view the songs inside. Once I start playing a song, if I try to skip to the next song in the playlist, it actually switches to another playlist.

Any ideas?


Strange. Maybe some invalid m3u file contents? Not sure unless your show them to us. Can you play all songs independently of the play lists (just to be sure the files are playable)?

Yes I can play all of the songs if I access them thru albums or artists.

The three playlists are




If I select either CCR or Mozart, all of the songs will show up in that playlist and I can choose the first song in the playlist. Once that song is playing if I try to skip forward or back to the next song, it automatically switches to the Amadeus playlist. However the top of the screen displays the correct number of songs for the selected playlist, not the Amadeus playlist.


What happens if you start with the second song in the playlist?  Same thing?

I am having the same problem here.  I have 5 different playlists.  Classic Rock, Comedy, DragonForce,  New Rock and TV/Movie Themes.  The only one that works is Classic Rock.  With any of the other ones, after the first song finishes, it switches over to Classic Rock.  It will also only play the number of songs that are in the folder. For example, if I try to play the DragonForce playlist, it will play the first song, and then afterwards, it will play the same song again.  If I try to go to the next song, it switches over to Classic Rock.  There are only 28 DragonForce songs, so it will only play the first 28 songs in my Classic Rock playlist.  If I do New Rock, it’ll play the first song on repeat, then when I try to switch it will play the first 116 songs on Classic Rock.  Is there any way to fix this?  It’s really annoying.

I’ve finally figured out a way to get playlists to work on the Sansa Clip.

1.)  Seperate your songs into folders in the Music Folder.  (for JDS22, it would be CCR, Amadeus and Mozart).  THEY MUST BE IN SEPERATE FOLDERS TO WORK!

2.)  Right click on the folder you want to be in a playlist, and select Create Playlist.  Name it and move it to another folder.

3.)  Repeat for all your playlists.  But make sure you put each playlist in a SEPERATE folder.  As long as each Playlist is located in a different folder, when you select a Playlist, it should play only the songs in that folder.

To all those interested, I had playlist problems and refused to use WMP11. I use J River Media Center 12. I gave them the info on 1/11/08 and they now have it working. I tried both the MTP and MSC modes and both work. The full version of MC12 should be available in build 12.0.415 soon (week of 1/18 or1/25) that I tested the beta on.

There is  a free version of the Jukebox MJ version 12.0.24 available now they J River says is already working you may want to try. I haven’t had chance to try the free version yet but they seem very willing to help get problems with Sansa players working with their software. The free version I think only support music but I think it is full functioning no limited burn speeds or anything like that.