strange m3u behavior

I’m ready to take my 4gb clip back to best buy - I have a few days left on the return policy.  Or check myself into an asylum. This is beyond frustrating.  I’ve used playlist creator 3.5 and mp3 tag to create playlists with clip in msc mode.  All mp3s and playlists are in the music folder.  This is what happens:

3 playlists show as empty.  I can place the same mp3s in existing playlists with other mp3s and they will show. So the mp3s themselves are not a problem. They will not work in their own playlist.  HOWEVER, if I create alternate playlists with exactly the same mp3s the following weird things happen:

For one set of mp3s, the orignial playlist works but only as long as the alternate playlist, which now shows as empty, is left on the clip.

For two sets of mp3s, the alternate playlists work, but only as long as the original playlists, which still show as emptly, are left on the clip.

If I delete any of the empty playlists, the remaining playlists show as empty which puts me back to square one.

All the other playlists created with the same programs work fine.  This makes no sense so I’m thinking that the memory is corrupt/defective.  I’ve updated the firmware, formatted, numerous times using all the methods in the forum.  I think sansa is trying to push me over the edge with this wicked game!

Should I try again with another clip?

Have you tried creating an on the GoList to see what happens?

Yes, I was able to create an on the go list. 

Arrggh!  I added the mp3s that had the weird playlists to the on the go list - they appear there fine.  Then I recreated the 3 playlists I had problems with, with just one version of each, not two as in my original post.

Now when I go to the recreated playlists, I get the onthego list in all the recreated playlists!

Echto, was this what you experienced?

I exchanged the clip at best buy - so I assume there is no defect.  I have the same problem with the new one.  As long as I keep duplicate playlists at least one of them will not be empty.  I’m doing this for 4 playlists now - it’s not always the same playlists either. I have a total of 45 playlists and 204 mp3s, so it’s manageable to deal with 4 duplicate playlists. It’s annoying but I can live with it.

If anyone has any clues as to the direction I can take to solve this it would be much appreciated.   FWIW, this problem never occurred on my rio forge before it died.  Sansa is doing something different with the way it interprets the m3u - but why?

hi ,how make playlist with windows media player 11 and import to my sansa clip?

i make one playlist from 10 music and copy & paste playlist file that name is A.wpl and 10 music to sansa on MSC mode . is correct or not?


Unfortunately no, I have not messed with the playlists at all.  I prefer to just load it up and shuffle, although I am somewhat dissappointed in the shuffle algorithym.  Why repeats occur before playing through all the available songs is beyond me.

Have you updated the firmware? The shuffle logic was fixed.

Looks like the weird mp3 behavior I was experiencing is fixed in the latest fw -thanks SanDisk!