Sansa changing content of my playlists?


My Sansa started acting weirdly with playlists. I create playlists by choosing the music - right click - create playlist and then adding other music to that list. Now the playlist files remain among the music, not in the playlist folder… but something strange started happening. I had three playlists and it all worked fine, but now whenever I change one of them, the other playlists (which are in the same folder - music) sync with it! So I get identical playlists… does anyone know why sansa is doing it?

Should I move the playlist files to the playlist folder? Or should I just keep them in different folders? The thing is - I have some same songs on both playlists…

What are you using to make the playlists?

Have you tried giving the playlists different names? 

The playlists are not folders holding the music–they are lists of where the music is located. So it shouldn’t matter if you have the same song in multiple playlists.