Problem with playlist and function play all


I bought my sansa fuze 8 gb about 2 weeks ago and I’m very happy with it but there are 2 problems I have. I didn’t find an answer to my problems in the faq but my english isn’t that good and i didn’t find a german support.

1st problem:
I make a playlist with my fuze. It works an I can listen the songs from the playlist. If I add new songs to the playlist they aren’t in the acutal playlist. I have to stop the song, go back and start the playlist again to have the new songs in it. Isn’t there a possibility to add new songs to the acutal playlist which I listening at the moment.

2nd problem:
I cannot list all the songs from one artist or one genre. If I click to “play all” the player play the first song of this list. then I have to click “go back to the list” to see all songs. The problem is, if I want a specific song from a specific artist, then I have to know the album to find it.


nobody who knows this problem or have a answer to it???


1st problem: Appears to be a known issue. The Fuze doesn’t support TRUE OTF playlisting (On-The-Fy).

I think your 2nd issue is by design. Either that or I don’t understand you. If you want a psecific song from a specific artist, you shouldn’t do a PLAY ALL. When you do a PLAY ALL the music list shows all tracks not albums. Not sure I understand what you want to do here.

I too have this PLAY ALL problem.

Latest firmware installed ,no card in slot ,all music on fuze.

Have reset the Fuze and Formated the Fuze from within the menu.

Put all music back  ,and when PLAY ALL selected the Fuze just locks up requiring a reset.

Went back to previous firmware and problem dissapears.

Any advice or help appreciated

Is this first big firmware bug ?.

@Chimera: that’s not the problem discussed here. I can’t confirm it, but you should create a new thread for it.

Back on topic:

1st problem: it’s known, and I really hope it’ll be fixed. It may be harder to fix than it seems, though.

2nd problem: Peregrine is right, it’s by design, you have to browse Artist -> Album -> Song. However, I think this design is flawed. I created a thead for discussion here.

Consider it moved.

Just sounded like same prob.