Listening to Multiple Playlists?

I just got my Fuze and so far I like it, but I do have one question.  I do a lot of listening to multiple things on random and I have a lot of playlists that I’ve added to the player with no issue.  However, what I’d like to do is list to say Playlist A and Playlist B together  or A, B, and C on random together, etc.  Is there anyway to add an entire playlist to the “To Go” list?  I see that I can add an entire Artist, Album, or song to the “To Go” list, but can I add another playlist?

I can go through the playlist and add a song 1 by 1, but that obviously is extremely time consuming, any suggestions?

This feature would be so great to have, maybe a firmware update is coming?

Thanks for your help.

Yah right… Waiting for a firmware update for stuff you want is like waiting for the Tooth Fairy to pay up. Good luck with that.

Playlists are text files. Combine lists? Load into Notepad and copy/paste one to the other (don’t copy the #EXTM3U header).

No I don’t believe in Tooth Fairies either… my Invisible Rabbit sez they don’t exist…