Playlists issues (Tapeworm's solution doesn't work)

Hey guys! First of all, I’ve read all of what you’ve already said around here about playlists, and since I can’t make them work I come to you again.

I have an 8gb Fuze V2, I make playlists with Winamp and run it on Win XP 64bit.

I’m connecting the Fuze on MSC usb mode. I’m saving the .m3u files in the MUSIC folder, and all of the songs are in that same folder (F:/MUSIC).

I first tried on my own and didn’t work, so then I followed step by step Tapeworm’s instructions, and when I first opened one of the playlists on the Fuze, it was perfect. Then I tried to open another one, and there were less songs than there was supposed to be. I went back to look for the first playlist and it wasn’t the same, there were like 11 songs when there should have been 60 or more.

I turned the player off and then I turn it back on, same problems with different playlists. I tried a couple of times more and it’s happening the same, sometimes a playlist that should have 200 songs show only 3, and sometimes shows the whole 200. 

help anyone? thanks! :smiley:


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I was able to transfer playlists from MediaMonkey to my Fuze in MTP mode.  Try that.