Play All function on latest Fuze V1 firmware

I have this PLAY ALL problem.

Latest firmware installed ,no card in slot ,all music on fuze.

Have reset the Fuze and Formated the Fuze from within the menu.

Put all music back  ,and when PLAY ALL selected the Fuze just locks up requiring a reset.

Went back to previous firmware and problem dissapears.

Any advice or help appreciated

Is this first big firmware bug ?.

i am not seeing this issue on my v1. how many songs do you have on the device?

219 songs

most of which are at 192Kbps.

Just had the Hang and black screen mentioned in firmware messages also.

All the probs cured with previous firmware 01.01.22f

Had same probs with or without sdcard installed ( 900 tracks with sdcard installed plus 1 audiobook ,and 7 music vids).

I can live with previous firmware ,I had no probs at all with it ,would have been nice to have the new one tho.

Never mind ,still lurve me Fuze.