Problem with my sansa m250 player


I bought a new sansa m250 player two weeks ago.

The problem is that when I turn it on, what’s written on the screen is- “Please wait. Rebuilding the libary”. It lasts few seconds, and then it turns off.

I had put some songs in it, not in libarys, and still it continues the same.

I just don’t get it. Can you help me?

Thank You…

It will say rebuilding the library when you disconnect it from a computer’s
USB port. It shouldn’t do that when you just turn the player on and off.
Back up your files and try a reformat. Have you updated your firmware?

Put the player in MSC mode. You can do this by turning on the hold
switch before connecting to computer. Also can be set in the settings,
USB of the player menu.Turn on the hold switch and plug the m250 into
your computer. Find the Sansa removable device under My Computer.
Right click on the Sansa icon and select Fat32 from the list. Then
select format.

You may also want to study the various functions by checking
out the videos and user guide.
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