problem occur in my sansa m250

my sansa 250 does not working properly. when i switch on it shows finalizing updated then afterfew minutes it shows a black screen. because of this i tried to format so i connect it to through usb but the computer does not detect it. menu is also not available to change the usb settings now what can i do?

Ok. Firstly when you say the black screen, are the other buttons lighting up/ can you tell if the player is even on or off? Technical support is probably your best bet, and taking it back to the store for an exchange might also be nice; you may just have a defective unit.

It can on but it may not able to switch off. to switch off i take out the battery and then replace. i dont know the usb settings whether in MSC or MTP or AUTO DETECT because my menu is not in working condition. Please help to detect the drive first. if it is detected by computer i would format the whole files. i hope that you help me.