cannot switch on the Sansa Express Player ???

Hi, all, please give me some suggest, suddenly, I cannot switch on my player, no display, cannot found any device when I plug it to my computer. what can I do ?? and may I do a device recovery ?? and how can I do ?? please help me ?? just buy only two days…

Do the hard reset about 5 times and then try to turn it on. If it’s still broken, then post events with your Sansa before it got broken

Thanks, just done the hard reset and all OK.

how do i do that it’s not turning on nor is it showing up when i connect it to the computer as the last person said and this is the second time i’ve had to exchange this player for a new one

Hard reset: Vol Up and Center/Select Button for 30+secs

It’s in your manual

Hi I am having a similar problem as the original poster. When I turn on the plaver the Sandisk logo flashes for 2 seconds then the display goes blank. When I plug in the device to the USB port, the drive shows up, but I cannot access it “drive not formatted”. I tried the hard reset and it did not help. Thanks

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Drive not formatted means it’s not formatted to a file system, like CDs use CDFS, Windows use NTFS, and mainly FAT32 are used by EXT HDDs, flashdrives and portable mediaplayers/mp3players. Use WMP or some other program to do it (or cmd prompt if you’re flashy with your computer skillz)

I too have been having problems with Express startup. I have now replaced it twice. Each time I am able to successfully charge it a few times and then, all of the sudden, nothing. It is working but battery low, I go to charge it and when I unplug it, it is entirely unresponsive, almost as though it has no power. Can it be overcharged? Are the USB ports subject to power surges when booting up or down the system. I have many other devices plugged into the same hub without issue. I have spoken to tech support and they said that others are not having this problem and while they agree that maybe leaving it plugged in may be the cause of its failure, there is nothing in the manual that prohibits this. Is this common? Do I really have to leave it plugged in for only a few hours?